Better Lucky than Dead

Boiling Point
A surefire way to get about 15 pages of email the next day

We launch right into the battle, with the PCs and Shiv squad first feinting at the fuel depot then hammering the Droid Facility. While Rhet and the motley crew of ships fly cover, the BLTD lands and the rest of the crew attempts to steal the droids. Durian makes incredibly short work of a loading droid while Koryn Trey’la and Gamma take down imperial security. As they load the droids into the Lucky Rhet takes out a Patrol Boat (Proton torpedoes are good) before the fateful order is given. Over the comms the order comes down to fire on the fuel station. Rhet realizes this would set off a chain reaction propelling asteroids to the planet below dooming the small prison population to almost certain death. Rhet knows there is no way to save everyone on the planet, but maybe through luck and skill most of the prisoners could be saved. We know our heroes won’t allow the wholesale slaughter of civilians, but will they risk the lives of the few for the chance to end the threat of the Fallen, and clear their names? A plan begins to form, tune in next week to find out what happens next.

Off to meet the Rebellion, Kinda
Holy cow, we get our own fighter squadron.

The party arrives, after no small amount of debate, and learns the Fallen wants them to whip Shiv Squadron into shape prior to an assault on a droid refurbishment station that should house important astrogation data.

Of course we blow up your plot hook
In retrospect what else did I expect from the Glitterstimmed Explosion Monkey

Kang tries to blackmail the party in to doing something they probably would have done anyway. But he didn’t ask them nice… So they blew up his ship, nearly killed 300 people, made themselves very wanted, and ended up forced to pull the job anyway. But they still have their dignity, nope, honor, nope, pride…. Yeah that’s the one.

Rocket Rancor
Her name is Jess, she is my very favorite Swoop.

The race is won, the mystery is solved, the cave is collapsed, the baby mama is back and wow this was a busy session.

The Long Hiatus
Now I understand why Network TV takes a breather midseason.

Life intervenes, I’ll blame Chris, or Danny, probably JarJars fault.

Off to the Races
Speed Six and 1 Hull, sounds like a job for Rhet Corto

The crew, realizing the swoop they stole along with the Better Lucky is registered for a high stakes death race. Why shouldn’t they show up an race, subterfuge be damned, I can’t spell that word anyway!

Entering the Facility
Guns in the Dark

Having crossed most of the grounds very stealth-like, the party now go guns out against the gundarks.

Now we have to make it legal.
If only I could find the Title for this mod.

Our crew finds themselves infiltrating the insurance facility that stores the flimsi titles for the ships they just stole. Did I mention the theme for the grounds is Jurassic Park?

The Adventure Begins
How to Salvage a Situation
  • The party arrives at Traipok VII ready to steal 4 ships during a public auction. What could possibly go wrong.
  • The party has been hired by Devi Moraith to procure a few specific ships she knows are being illegally moved through the facility. One is a X-Wing, another is a cunningly disguised carrier ship, the third a small ship with a powerful communications array, and the forth is a seemingly mundane transport vessel.
  • The party is free to decide their course of action with the only real rule being their actions cannot point back to their employer.
  • Gamma borrows from Devi to successfully mimic a rich, but foolish, buyer to try to draw out the forces at work behind the scenes.
  • Koryn Trey’la & Rhet Corto both arrive at the facility early and take jobs to scope the place out.
  • Durian Colton arrives “posing” as a gambler armed with the deed to a planet looking for a high-stakes game that may shed light on the situation.
  • Gamma convinces a foolish spacer to cause a distraction, Rhet and Koryn plot ways to access the ships and possibly scam a little extra. Durian plays Sabaac.
  • As the bantha poodo hits the induction coils Rhet, Gamma, and Koryn desperately try to salvage the theft of the er salvage and Durian, Durian plays Sabaac.
  • Sudden Gamma’s pawn causes a little more distraction that was warranted when he causes the recycling operation to explode, shaking the station violently and interrupting Durian as the Sabaac game winds to a close with a very unfriendly hutt accusing the assassin of being a cheat.
  • All hell breaks loose and with barely a second to spare the heroes escape the station, ships, and spare parts, and swoop in tow just as the imperials jump in.



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