Better Lucky than Dead

Boiling Point

A surefire way to get about 15 pages of email the next day

We launch right into the battle, with the PCs and Shiv squad first feinting at the fuel depot then hammering the Droid Facility. While Rhet and the motley crew of ships fly cover, the BLTD lands and the rest of the crew attempts to steal the droids. Durian makes incredibly short work of a loading droid while Koryn Trey’la and Gamma take down imperial security. As they load the droids into the Lucky Rhet takes out a Patrol Boat (Proton torpedoes are good) before the fateful order is given. Over the comms the order comes down to fire on the fuel station. Rhet realizes this would set off a chain reaction propelling asteroids to the planet below dooming the small prison population to almost certain death. Rhet knows there is no way to save everyone on the planet, but maybe through luck and skill most of the prisoners could be saved. We know our heroes won’t allow the wholesale slaughter of civilians, but will they risk the lives of the few for the chance to end the threat of the Fallen, and clear their names? A plan begins to form, tune in next week to find out what happens next.


warrendh warrendh

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