Better Lucky than Dead

The Adventure Begins

How to Salvage a Situation

  • The party arrives at Traipok VII ready to steal 4 ships during a public auction. What could possibly go wrong.
  • The party has been hired by Devi Moraith to procure a few specific ships she knows are being illegally moved through the facility. One is a X-Wing, another is a cunningly disguised carrier ship, the third a small ship with a powerful communications array, and the forth is a seemingly mundane transport vessel.
  • The party is free to decide their course of action with the only real rule being their actions cannot point back to their employer.
  • Gamma borrows from Devi to successfully mimic a rich, but foolish, buyer to try to draw out the forces at work behind the scenes.
  • Koryn Trey’la & Rhet Corto both arrive at the facility early and take jobs to scope the place out.
  • Durian Colton arrives “posing” as a gambler armed with the deed to a planet looking for a high-stakes game that may shed light on the situation.
  • Gamma convinces a foolish spacer to cause a distraction, Rhet and Koryn plot ways to access the ships and possibly scam a little extra. Durian plays Sabaac.
  • As the bantha poodo hits the induction coils Rhet, Gamma, and Koryn desperately try to salvage the theft of the er salvage and Durian, Durian plays Sabaac.
  • Sudden Gamma’s pawn causes a little more distraction that was warranted when he causes the recycling operation to explode, shaking the station violently and interrupting Durian as the Sabaac game winds to a close with a very unfriendly hutt accusing the assassin of being a cheat.
  • All hell breaks loose and with barely a second to spare the heroes escape the station, ships, and spare parts, and swoop in tow just as the imperials jump in.



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