Devi Moraith

Cute but Crazy. In that kinda way that you know she'd kill you but it'd probably be worth it.


Devi is the wellspring of the original arc of the campaign. She is so heavily based on the Devi in The Name of the Wind, that the players kept referring to her as Devi and the original name (Viltis) just got dropped. Probably because it was a dumb name.

Devi is a very successful crimelord running her own game. She gets by primarily by being underestimated. That and being a ruthless, brilliant, sociopath, but all in a really cute way. She is fiercely loyal to her crews, so long as they continue to perform.

Devi owns at least one planet, somehow has a cred chip linked to Jabba’s personal account, and can basically get you anything you need.


Devi Moraith

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