Durian Colton

Colton, Durian Colton


Durian Colton is not nearly what you would call intimidating. Relatively short, particularly for a Core Worlder, and rather thin, the vast majority of people would simply overlook him without a second glance. Unfortunately for several of those people, a second glance would’ve allowed them to see the vibro blade headed into their throat. Too bad, so sad, as Durian thought. Just lucky for him he doesn’t get stuck with cleaning the mess. Unless it was in the contract, of course.

Growing up primarily on Coruscant, Durian had a relatively normal upbringing with his own father and mother. The biggest issue that Durian had was simple boredom. He wasn’t particularly excited with school, and eventually took to the streets to find excitement, very quickly finding games of chance with local street gangs. Soon enough, he garnered a substantial debt (arguably due to his lack of math education) and turned to a profession he found to be right up his alley – finding people. He found a hunter willing to take him under wing, teaching him the ways of hunting, tracking, and, if need be, killing. While going on these “school trips” as his parents knew them, Durian quickly found that GETTING TO somewhere was easy, getting IN somewhere was hard. With the help of his mentor, Durian learned to talk his way past pretty much anyone [no pilot – space, gain charm].

Over the years, Durian gained a great deal of knowledge allowing him to become an efficient killing machine, with nearly any weapon. Ironically, his lack of mathematical and computational prowess relating to his gambling seemed to vanish when it came to slicing computers. Not only to gather information contained within, but, on numerous occasions, as a weapon. Overload a power conduit here or there, and now you have an accidental charring. Or maybe an airlock ‘malfunctions’. Unfortunately, while not a complete disaster, his early training with larger rifles and carbines did not go quite as planned, primarily due to his somewhat scrawny build. As his training continued, he preferred the company of pistols to overbearing rifles, not only for their concealment, but ease of use for him personally [no assassin based range-heavy, gain range-light]. There was also something about being up close that Durian preferred, and a signature for his killed contracts became a blood sample freshly preserved from the carotid artery, or equivalent alien vasculature. Though he was with his mentor many years, seeing numerous other pupils come and go, or even stay [Chris’s Character], Durian knew that one day he’d set out on his own, and even his knowledge of anatomy, toxins, medicines, and physiology would go a long way to both keeping him alive and his targets dead.

His mentor also helped Durian try to keep his gambling habits in check, even going so far as to pay off some of the debt, but as soon as the pile shrank, Durian grew it back up once again. Unfortunately, the day finally came where Durian was forced to leave. His debt had begun to garner a bit too much undue attention at his mentor, and Durian knew the best way to keep him out of the crossfire was to leave. Taking his trusty weapons, “lucky” Sabacc deck and chance cubes, Durian left to continue on his own, hoping this addiction would follow only him, not his mentor who had started to help him all those years ago. It’s been more than 15 years since leaving the core, and no word yet that there’s any trouble for his mentor, but that will never stop Durian from taking lives with one hand and gambling it all away with the other. It’s a status quo he’s alright to live in.


Durian Colton

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